Billing Policy

Netwalker Internet Services offers monthly and quarterly billing cycles to our accounts.

If You Pay by Credit Card

Customers who pay by credit card are automatically charged on the anniversary date each month. If you have an outstanding balance, you will receive notification via mail within 10 days detailing invoices and payments posted to your account for the previous month. If the statement reflects a balance due, there was a problem with the processing of your credit card and you should contact us immediately to avoid any finance charge assessment for late payment. If you are paying by credit card please ensure we have updated credit card information. Please contact us if you need to send us new information.

Disk Usage

If you exceed your allotted disk usage for you account you will be billed a rate of $1.00 per MB in 5 MB increments.  Your disk usage is calculated by the average amount of space you have used each day in a thirty day period.  Please remember that your log files count as disk usage and are reset each week after the statistical reports have been processed.

Data Transfer

Netwalker Internet Services charges $0.06 per MB should you exceed your allotted data transfer.  Netwalker Internet Services offers bandwidth packages for customers who require greater amounts of bandwith.

Finance Charges

Invoices are aged from the date that they are created. Finance charges will be assesed to all acounts with invoices 30 days more past due.  The finance charge amount is calculated for each invoice or previous finance charge entry by the number of days past due, times the daily finance charge rate (.18 divided by 365).  If the calculated finance charge amount is less than the minimum finance charge of $0.50, the minimum amount will be used instead of the calculated amount.

Collection Procedures

Your account becomes overdue 5 days after the due date on the invoice. Should your account become overdue, you will receive a reminder via email that we have not received your payment. If your account becomes more than 10 days past due your service will be suspended. If your account becomes more that 45 days past due, your data will be removed from the servers and your account will be referred to our collection agency. Reinstated accounts will incur a $25.00 service charge.

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